Growing Your Customer Base With Virtual Care

Jul 02, 2019

As a mental health care provider, it can be extremely difficult and complicated to build up one’s practice. Wearing multiple hats professionally such as therapist, counsellor, or social worker in addition to being a small business owner, is often an exercise in exhaustion. Finding a balance between managing a practice, giving time to clients, and time for oneself is easier said than done, let alone finding clients to expand one’s practice. Providers have a multitude of options to ease the burdens that expansion can bring to a practice.

Virtual care and online practice management tools are a modern solution to common barriers to receiving care such as prohibitive distance, ease of mobility, level of comfort, and protection of privacy. Including the ability to meet the specific needs of clients with varying levels of accessibility increases the potential reach of a practice as well as revenue and efficiency. Making potential clients aware of unique services such as video conferencing, online messaging, and online booking capability can change the way clinics interact with their clients for the better. 


User Story - Nicole

Let’s take a look at one example of a client’s story to highlight how virtual care can improve a clinic’s customer base:

Nicole has been in therapy off and on for 2 years. She and her therapist, Scott, have a good relationship. Nicole has depression, and often does not have the motivation to make it to Scott’s office to keep her appointments. Aside from the time lost to missed appointments, Scott also charges Nicole a no-show policy to de-incentivize her from missing appointments. This is an expensive situation for both parties!

In the last two months, Scott began using a virtual care platform to help clients like Nicole. Scott worked with the Customer Success team for recommendations on materials to send to his clients to help them understand how virtual care was going to change his practice, and how clients could create online sessions. Scott also took advantage of the platform’s ability to organize his appointment calendar with online booking, and to easily collect appointment fees online.

Scott suggested to Nicole that she book online appointments to improve her attendance rate, and to ensure she got the help she needed more often. Nicole began using the platform to book her appointments. Using an internet connection, Nicole no longer needed to leave her house to make appointments on days when her depression made it more difficult for her. Her adherence to scheduled appointment times increased, as well as the fees she was being charged for no-shows. Scott was able to provide Nicole with the help she needed without inconvenience, and can even charge for her appointments directly through the platform!


OnCall Health Makes Care Convenient

OnCall Health is one example of a platform that provides multiple technical services concurrently to improve practice management, and the reach of individual clinics. Prioritizing security, accessibility, and customer service, OnCall ensures the platform is always working for you. Featuring secure video calling, messaging, and file-sharing, OnCall is completely PHIPA and PIPEDA compliant. This means practitioners in the U.S. and Canada can be completely secure knowing their patient records and conversations are never at risk.

For any appointments where appearing in-person is not necessary, OnCall can be used. Engage in video calls with clients who have limited mobility, and schedule phone appointments or messaging for those who would rather not be on camera. Automate your booking process with OnCall’s booking pages, for your website. Set appointments, choose buffer times between clients, and keep your calendar organized all online. OnCall’s platform also allows providers to securely attach forms to be filled out or signed by their clients.

OnCall is committed to ensuring clients connect with their providers successfully for each and every appointment.


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