Product Update: Patient Roster

Jul 02, 2019

The new patient Roster is here!

We are excited to introduce Roster, giving providers a tool that centralizes all of your patient information and notes in one place.

Note: if you currently do not have Roster and are interested in adding it to your account, please contact your Account Manager today at 1-(888)-687-9288 ext.1 or let us know here

Roster  is a centralized patient file management system where you can view all of your patient information in one place. With Roster you can:

  • Securely store all patient contact and payment information under a singular record
  • Easily search your patient contact and appointment information
  • View all appointments, forms, files, session notes and patient notes associated with each patient
  • Organize and track all of your patients’ progress in one place




Here is a brief overview of Roster:


In Roster, you can now quickly view all of your patients and search patient profiles in order to get the information you need quickly and easily.


Search your patient roster 

Search for your client in Roster

You can also easily add new contacts to your Roster to make them searchable whenever you need to find them.


Add new patients to your roster easily
Add Contact to Roster


Every time you create an appointment with a new patient, you will be given the option to Add to Roster. Selecting the Add to Roster option beside their email information will store the patient as a contact in your patient roster list.


Automatically create a roster profile when booking appointments with a first time patient.
Add to Roster from Appointment Creation



You’ll notice that there is a Create New Appointment button at the top right of every patient. You can now create all of your appointments directly from Roster.


Create new appointments straight from the roster ab  Create a new appointment



By clicking on Profile underneath the patient name, you will be brought to your selected patient profile. In Profile, you can store your patient contact information and patient notes.

Keep all your patient's information and notes in one place. View patient profiles all in one place



The Appointments tab in Roster allows you to view all of your previous and upcoming appointments associated with each patient. Here, you can keep track of what type of appointments you have with patients, whether it is video, messaging, phone or in-person. You can also easily add files and forms to be associated with specific appointments by clicking on the corresponding paper clip icon.


See your upcoming and past appointments in a patient's roster profile.
View all patient appointments in one place



The Forms & Files tab displays all of the forms & files you have uploaded for your selected patient. From here, you can view which appointment your forms & files are associated with and also delete any forms & files you no longer wish to assign. Clicking on the “Attached to: Appointment Name” brings you to the session note that is connected to the file.


Access all the forms and files you have associated with a patient. View all of your patient forms and files centrally



Notes brings you to our session notes log. In Notes, you can view every session note for each appointment you have had with your patient.  You can also download your session notes as PDFs to store on your computer.


View all notes associated with specific appointments.
View all of your patient notes


If you have any questions about Roster or are interested in adding it to your account, please contact your Account Manager today today at 1-(888)-687-9288 ext.1 or at 

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